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Introducing Rissler - where innovation meets farm life. Stay ahead with cutting-edge mixing solutions that redefine efficiency. Explore the future of mixing on our Rissler page and see how their products can elevate your farm experience.

As the Canadian distributor for Rissler Manufacturing, ESM is happy to provide farmers with stationary and mobile TMR (Total Mixed Ration) mixers, wooden and taper board conveyors, and round bale feeders through our dealer network.

Rissler mixers are known for their accuracy and complete end-to-end blending. They gently but effectively mix feeds and forage, using a simple design that minimizes moving parts and potential breakdowns.
Fast, thorough mixing, regardless of ingredient type, batch size, or where the feed enters the mixer
Fast discharging speed, 100% cleanout in seconds
Steep sidewalls guarantee no dead spots
Large knives and twin augers process baled hay quickly
Solid Stainless Steel mixing chamber for superior life*
Oversized planetary gearboxes for superior life
Low profile design fits well in existing feed rooms
Very low maintenance
*I. H. Rissler Mfg. LLC has been building TMR mixers for nearly 40 years, and one thing we've found is that, properly used, Stainless Steel components will far outlast mild steel and even Abrasion Resistant steel every time
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